The Wartburg Project


Solid, clear and faithful (Paul, WELS Pastor)

It reads about like the NIV, yet it has an accuracy that surpasses the ESV. It is in a dignified English style without being too stiff or too common.

Accurate AND flowing (Timothy, ELS Pastor)

I am so enjoying this translation! How can a Bible read so easily, and still be so faithful? By paying attention to the details–particularly verb tenses and preposition use in the Greek. I love how progressive Greek verbs are translated as progressive English verbs, especially knowing that’s exactly what the original language conveys. I also enjoy that I can tell, for example, when DIA + Accusative case is used, just by looking at the English.

I find it amazing that the EHV is fresh, and yet echoes the KJV I grew up with in certain cases. The text just flows, and I agree with so many of the translation choices that were made. I look forward to the day the Old Testament is also published! I’ve purchased both the Kindle version and the print version. (In fact I bought 10 of the print copies and they were snapped up by others who are also enjoying them greatly!)

Clear, Easy-to-Read, and Faithful (Chris, LC-MS Pastor)

I absolutely love the Evangelical Heritage Version of the Bible! In an ever-increasing market of new and revised translations of the Bible, it would be easy to get skeptical about another new translation. But I really believe the EHV is the best-balanced translation I’ve been searching for over many years.

I grew up hearing the RSV read in church but used the more form literal NASB at home. In college and during some of my ministry as a pastor I have enjoyed the more readable NIV. Then I became a fan of the closest natural equivalence translation of the GOD’S WORD Bible, yet I ran into problems with the removal of particular words in our theological heritage like grace, righteousness, and justification. Because of their continued usage in the church, I had to reintroduce them when teaching the Bible.

I tried using the English Standard Version when our church body adopted its use, since it preserves those heritage words in a more form literal style. But people had a more difficult time understanding the ESV than the NIV they had previously heard. I have also used the more recent Christian Standard Bible, which has a great balance between the readability of the NIV and the more word-for-word style of the ESV.

As good as all these translations are, I have now discovered that the Evangelical Heritage Version exceeds them all in terms of balancing readability and accuracy. Not only does the EHV provide a clear, easy-to-read, and faithful translation, but it also preserves the best of the English Bible heritage with crucial theological words and a more reverent poetic and literary style. And to have a translation that more accurately uses the heritage word “testament” instead of “covenant” for the Lord’s Supper, I consider to be one example of the huge benefits I’ve found in reading the Evangelical Heritage Version.

Easy to Understand (Kathy)

Some of the passages, such as John 3:16 and Luke 11:28 are the same or very much like when I was raised with the KJV. It is very easy to read. My grandfather, who is in heaven right now, would have loved this translation of the New Testament and Psalms. I am enjoying reading this as my daily Bible reading schedule.

Finally! (John, Baptist Minister)

The EHV is the Bible translation that I have been waiting for ever since the day I read The Living Bible for the first time. Finally a modern English translation that I can recommend to everyone because of its simplicity and power and reliability. It doesn’t have the bias against the Textus Receptus that is so common these days. Also they are using the Masoretic text of the Old Testament – the same one that the KJV and NKJV use.

I praise God that I’m finally getting a Bible that I can recommend to everyone!

I absolutely love this EHV! (Joel)

I absolutely love this EHV! The effort to stay true to the intended meaning, yet modernize the language makes the reading come alive in a way that’s almost impossible to describe. I also really enjoy how it’s laid out like a regular book instead of with double columns.

(Larry, WELS Pastor)

The EHV is an excellent translation and I believe the best translation around. I can hardly put it down. It is a joy to read, very comforting in its familiar, descriptive expressions and clearly faithful to the original Greek and Hebrew.

Just to give a couple examples. Psalm 46:10 “Be still” (the new Holman Bible which I purchased at NPH a few months ago) translates “stop fighting” – which is neither familiar nor true to the original. Another example I appreciated is John 14:2 “mansions” is familiar and closer to the original than “rooms”. There are many others.

I want to thank all who worked so diligently and faithfully on this project. It is a major undertaking, much needed and much appreciated.

I pray it will receive wide distribution and acceptance not only in our Synod, but throughout the Christian world and through the power of the Holy Spirit bring those who do not know Jesus as their Savior to believe in him. The Lord continue to bless this important work.