Old Testament

Job 12
Transition to Round Two
Job's Summation:
You are worthless physicians
So I will turn to God.
121Job responded:
2Yes, indeed. You are the people,
and wisdom will die with you!
3But I understand things as well as you.[]
I do not fall short of you.
Who doesn't know all these things?
4But I am a laughingstock to my neighbor—
I, who call on God, and he answers me—
I, a righteous and complete man, am a laughingstock!
5Those who are carefree do not worry about disaster.
They think it is reserved for those whose feet are slipping.
6The tents of raiders are undisturbed,
and those who provoke God are secure—
those who carry their god in their hand.[]
7Please ask the animals, and they will teach you.
Ask the birds of the sky, and they will inform you.
8Complain to the earth, and it will teach you,
and the fish of the sea will tell you about it.
9Who among all these does not know that the hand of the Lord[] did this?
10The life of every living thing is in his hand,
as well as the breath[] in all human flesh.
11Isn't it true that the ear tests words
and the palate tastes food?
12Isn't it true that wisdom is found among the aged
and understanding among those who have had a long life?
13But wisdom and power are with God.
He gives guidance and understanding.
14If he tears something down, it cannot be rebuilt.
If he shuts a door on a man, it cannot be opened.
15Look! He holds back the waters, and the land dries up.
He turns them loose, and the earth is overwhelmed.
16He has strength and sound judgment.
The deceiver and the deceived both belong to him.
17He causes royal advisors to be led away naked.
He makes fools of judges.
18He takes away the ruling power of kings,
and he wraps a loincloth around their waist.[]
19He causes priests to be led away naked,
and he brings the pillars of society down to ruin.
20He closes the lips of trusted advisors,
and he takes away good judgment from elders.
21He pours contempt on nobles.
He loosens the belt of the strong.
22He uncovers deep mysteries that were hidden in darkness.
He brings the shadow of death into the light.
23He raises nations to power, and then he destroys them.
He enlarges nations, and then he leads them away captive.
24He deprives the heads of the peoples of the earth of their reason.
He makes them wander in a wild land where there are no roads.
25They grope around in darkness, where there is no light.
He causes them to wander aimlessly like drunks.


  • 12:3 Literally my heart is like yours
  • 12:6 Or those whom God brings in his hand
  • 12:9 This is the only occurrence of the name Lord in the poetic speeches of Job. The Hebrew variant God suggests that Lord may have been written here accidentally by force of habit.
  • 12:10 Or spirit
  • 12:18 The translation of this verse is uncertain. Some translate it as a positive verse in the midst of negatives.