Old Testament

Job 33
331But now, Job, listen to my speech.
Pay close attention to all my words.
2Listen, because I have opened my mouth.
See how my tongue shapes words in my mouth.
3My speech will reveal my upright heart.
My lips express my knowledge plainly.[]
4The spirit[] of God made me.
The breath of the Almighty gave me life.
5Refute me if you are able.
Lay out your case before me! Take your stand!
6Look, my mouth belongs to God, just as your mouth does.
Like you I was snipped off from a lump of clay.
7Look, you should not be terrified by how awesome I am.
Pressure from me should not intimidate you.
8However, you said this in my hearing,
and I did hear the sound of these words:
9“I am pure, without any sinful rebellion.
I am clean. I have no guilt.
10But look how God finds pretexts to oppose me.
He treats me like his enemy.
11He has put my feet in stocks.
He patrols all my paths.”
12Job, listen to this!
You are not right.
I must refute you!
Certainly, God is greater than a man.
13Why do you bring charges against him,
just because he does not answer all of a man's questions?
14God does speak, sometimes one way, sometimes another,
but people do not pay attention to it.
15In a dream, in a vision in the night,
when people are falling into a deep sleep,
while they slumber on their beds,
16he whispers a revelation into people's ears,
and he confirms his warnings to them,
17in order to turn a man from his course of action
and to suppress a person's pride.
18He spares his life from the pit.
He spares his life from crossing the stream of death.[]
19Or a person may be disciplined on his bed by pain
and by continual agony in his bones,
20so that his life makes food disgusting to him,
and he has no appetite for delicious food.
21His flesh wastes away and disappears,
and his bones, which were hidden, now stick out.
22Then his soul draws near to destruction,
and his life to those who bring death.
23If there is a messenger at his side to mediate,
one out of a thousand, to tell a man what is right for him,
24if he is gracious to him,
if he says, “Spare him from going down to the pit.
I have found a ransom for him,”
25then his flesh would become vigorous than it was in his youth.
He would return to days of youthful vitality.
26Then he would pray to God,
and God would be pleased with him.
With a joyful cry he would see God's face,
and God would restore his righteousness to the man.
27Then the man would turn to people and say,[]
“I have sinned, and I have perverted what is right,
yet I was not punished as much as I deserved.
28God has redeemed my soul from passing into the pit,
and my life will see the light.”
29Look, God does all these things with a man—
two times, or even three times—
30to bring back his soul from the pit,
so that light shines on him among the living.
31Pay attention, Job. Listen to me.
Be silent, so that I may speak.
32If you have anything to say, answer me.
Speak up, for I would be delighted to declare you innocent.
33If you have nothing to say, listen to me.
Be silent, so I may teach you wisdom.


  • 33:3 Or sincerely
  • 33:4 Or Spirit
  • 33:18 Or spares him from being killed by a weapon
  • 33:27 This line is difficult.