Old Testament

Job 9
Round One: Job's Third Speech:
Evil comes to everyone
I cannot clear myself
91Then Job responded:
2Of course I know that this is true.
But how can a man be justified before God?
3If someone wants to argue with God,
he could not refute one charge out of a thousand.[]
4God has a wise heart and great power,
so who can resist God and come out of it unharmed?
5God removes mountains from their position,
and they don't even realize it.
He overturns mountains in his anger.
6He shakes the earth off its foundation.
He causes its pillars to quake.
7He speaks to the sun, and it does not rise,
and he seals up the stars.
8He alone stretches out the heavens.
He treads on the crests of the sea.
9He made the Bear, Orion, the Pleiades,[]
and the constellations in the southern sky.
10He does great things that are beyond investigation.
He does miracles that are too many to be counted.
11Though he passes by me, I do not see him.
He moves past me, but I do not detect him.
12If he snatches something away, who can make him bring it back?
Who can say to him, “What are you doing?”
13God does not hold back his anger.
Even Rahab's[] helpers bow down beneath him.
14How much less, then, will I be able to answer him?
I want to match words with him,
15but even if I am in the right, I cannot answer him.
I can only plead to my judge for grace.
16If I called and he responded to me,
I do not believe that he would listen to my voice.
17With a violent storm he would crush me,
and he would inflict many wounds on me for no reason.
18He would not allow me to catch my breath.
Instead, he would fill me with bitter experiences.
19If it is a question of strength, he definitely is the strong one.
If it is a question of jurisdiction, who can summon him?[]
20Even if I am righteous, my mouth would still condemn me.
If I am blameless, it would pronounce me crooked.
21Although I am blameless, I cannot evaluate myself.[]
I reject my own life.
22Here is why I say, “It makes no difference”:
Blameless or wicked, he brings them all to the same end.
23If a whip suddenly kills people,
he makes fun of[] the despair of the innocent.
24When a land is handed over to a wicked man,
God blinds the eyes of its judges.
If he is not the one, then who does it?
25My days are swifter than a runner.
They fly away without bringing any happiness.
26They glide by like reed boats,
like an eagle that swoops down on its prey.
27If I say, “I will forget my complaint.
I will put on a happy face and smile,”
28even then I dread all my pain,
because I know that you will not acquit me.
29I have already been declared guilty,
so why should I struggle for nothing.
30If I wash myself with snow,
if I cleanse my hands with strong soap,
31then you will plunge me into a cesspool,
and my clothes will detest me.
32For he is not a man as I am,
so that I am able to answer him,
so that we may meet in court.
33There is no one to mediate[] between us,
no one who can lay his hand on both of us.
34No one can make him take his rod away from me,
so that the dread of him would not fill me with terror!
35If that happened, I would speak up and not be afraid.
But I have no such mediator. I am left on my own.


  • 9:3 Or God would not answer him one time out of a thousand
  • 9:9 The identification of these constellations is uncertain.
  • 9:13 Rahab is a sea monster that symbolizes the sea's power.
  • 9:19 The translation him is based on the Greek text. The Hebrew text reads me.
  • 9:21 Literally know
  • 9:23 Or makes light of
  • 9:33 Or arbitrate