Old Testament

Job 35
351Then Elihu continued:
2Do you really think it is right when you say,
“My righteousness is greater than God's”?[]
3You even say, “What use will this be to me?
How will it profit me more than if I sinned?”
4But I will respond to your words—and to your friends with you!
5Look at the heavens and you will see.
Take a good look at the clouds.
They are high above you!
6If you have sinned, how does that affect God?
If your rebellious deeds are many, what harm can you do to him?
7If you are righteous, what are you giving to him?
What does he receive from your hand?
8Your wickedness only affects a man like you,
and your righteousness only impacts other people.
9They cry out because of severe oppression.
They scream for relief from the arm of the powerful.
10But no one asks, “Where is God my Maker,
who provides songs in the night,
11who teaches us more than the wild animals of the earth,
who makes us wiser than the birds of the sky?”
12Then the wicked cry out, but he does not answer,
because of their arrogant pride.[]
13Certainly God will not listen to an insincere[] cry,
and the Almighty will not pay attention to it.
14How much less when you say
that you do not see him,
that your case has been presented to him,
and that you are waiting for him!
15Besides that, you say that his anger has not demanded an accounting,
and that he does not fully understand sin.[]
16Job opens his mouth pointlessly,
and he heaps up words without knowledge.


  • 35:2 Or my righteousness will come from God. The line is cryptic.
  • 35:12 Or then they cry out because of the arrogant pride of the wicked, but he does not answer. The word order is difficult.
  • 35:13 Or empty
  • 35:15 The meaning of this word is uncertain.