Old Testament

Proverbs 12
More Examples of Righteous Behavior
121A person who loves discipline loves knowledge,
but one who hates correction is stupid.
2A good person will obtain favor from the Lord,
but he will condemn a schemer.
3A person cannot be made secure by wickedness,
but the roots of the righteous will never be uprooted.
4A wife with strong character is a crown to her husband,
but one who brings shame is like rot in his bones.
5The plans of the righteous are just,
but the advice of the wicked is deceitful.
6The words of the wicked lie in wait for blood,
but the mouths of the upright will save them.
7Wicked people are overthrown, and they are no more,
but the house of the righteous continues to stand.
8A person is praised for the good sense that he speaks,
but a person with a twisted heart will be despised.
9Better to be underestimated and have a servant
than to pretend to be wealthy and lack bread.
10A righteous person understands the needs of his livestock,
but the compassion of the wicked is cruel.
11A person who works his land will have enough food,
but whoever pursues fantasies lacks sense.
12A wicked man covets the fortress[] of evil people,
but the root of the righteous bears fruit.
13The rebellion on his lips is a trap for an evil person,
but a righteous person gets out of trouble.
14From the fruit of his lips a person is filled with good,
and the labor of a person's hands returns to him.
15The way of a stubborn fool seems correct to him,
but whoever listens to advice is wise.
16A stubborn fool immediately lets his annoyance be known,
but a sensible person overlooks an insult.
17Whoever breathes the truth proclaims righteousness,
but a lying witness is deceitful.
18Some people wield reckless words like the thrusts of a sword,
but the tongue of the wise brings healing.
19Truthful lips are established forever,
but a lying tongue lasts only a moment.
20Deceit lies in the heart of those who plot evil,
but for those who promote peace there will be joy.
21No disaster will strike a righteous person,
but wicked people are filled with trouble.
22Lying lips are disgusting to the Lord,
but those who act truthfully gain his favor.
23A man who is shrewd conceals his knowledge,
but the hearts of fools broadcast stupidity.
24Hardworking hands will rule,
but laziness results in forced labor.[]
25Anxiety in a person's heart weighs him down,
but a good word brings him joy.
26A righteous person guides his neighbor,[]
but the way of the wicked leads them astray.
27A lazy person does not roast his game,
but a diligent person uses his wealth wisely.
28In the path of righteousness there is life,
and there is no death in following this path.[]


  • 12:12 Or net. The verse is difficult and the meaning is uncertain.
  • 12:24 Or leads to debtor's prison
  • 12:26 Or is cautious in friendship or works to learn about his friend
  • 12:28 The translation follows the main Hebrew reading. A variant in some Hebrew manuscripts and the ancient versions reads and another path leads to death.