Old Testament

Job 13
131My eyes have certainly seen all this.
My ears have heard it and understood it.
2Whatever you know, I know every bit as well.
I do not fall short of you in any way.
3But I want to speak to the Almighty.
I am eager to argue my case with God.
4All you do is plaster over problems[] with lies.
Such useless healers, all of you!
5I wish you would shut up completely.
For you, that would be wisdom!
6But now, listen to my rebuttal.
Pay attention to the arguments from my lips.
7Will you misrepresent God?[]
Will you speak deceitfully about him?
8Will you show favoritism on behalf of God
and argue his case for him?
9Will it turn out well when he cross-examines you?
Can you fool God as you can fool a man?
10He will certainly rule against you if you hide your favoritism.
11Won't God's majesty frighten you?
Won't the dread he inspires overwhelm you?
12Your axioms are proverbs made of ashes.
Your strong points are made of clay.
13Silence! Let me speak.
I intend to speak up, no matter what happens.
14Why do I bite my flesh with my teeth?
Why do I take my life in my hands?
15Even if he slays me, I will wait for him with hope.[]
No matter what, I will defend my ways to his face.
16Even this may turn out for my salvation,
for no godless person would dare to face him.
17Listen carefully to my words!
Give my testimony a hearing.
18Please, listen. I have laid out my case.
I know that I am innocent.
19Who can make a case against me?
If anyone can, I will be quiet and die.
20Just do two things for me, God.
If you do, I will not hide from your face.
21Take your hands off me,
and do not terrify me with your grandeur.[]
22Summon me, and I will answer.
Or, I will speak, and you can respond to me.
23How much guilt and how many sins do I have?
Reveal my rebellion and my sin to me.
24Why do you hide your face?
Why do you treat me like your enemy?
25Will you toss me around[] like a wind-blown leaf?
Will you chase me away like dry chaff?
26You write bitter accusations against me,
and you hold me accountable for the guilt of my youth.
27You lock my feet in stocks
and station guards along all my paths.
You put your brand on the soles of my feet.
28So a man rots away like a garment eaten by moths.


  • 13:4 Or plaster me
  • 13:7 Or will you charge injustice to God
  • 13:15 Hebrew variant if he slays me, I will be without hope
  • 13:21 Or transcendence or horrors
  • 13:25 Literally torment me