Old Testament

Job 32
Elihu's Monologues
321These three men gave up trying to answer Job, because he was righteous in his own eyes.
2So Elihu son of Barakel, the Buzite from the clan of Ram, burned with anger. His anger burned against Job because Job had justified himself rather than God. 3His anger also burned against his three companions, because they had no answer for Job, but they nevertheless had condemned Job.
4Up to this point, Elihu had held back, and he had not spoken to Job, because the others were older and more experienced than he was.
5When Elihu saw that the three men had no ready answer, his anger burned. 6So Elihu son of Barakel, the Buzite, responded. He said:
I am young and inexperienced, and you are aged.
That is why I held back,
and I was afraid to tell you what I know.
7I thought that experience should speak.
Many years should give a man wisdom.
8However, it is the spirit[] in a man
and the breath of the Almighty that give a man understanding.
9It is not just the important men who are wise.
The elderly are not the only ones who know how to judge cases.
10That is why I now say, “Listen to me.”
I will declare what I know—yes, I will.
11Notice that I waited for you to finish your words.
I have listened carefully to your conclusions.
The whole time you were searching for the right words,
12I paid attention to you.
But look, not one of you showed Job that he was wrong
or came up with an answer for Job.
13So do not say, “We have found wisdom,
but it is God, not a man, who will have to refute him.”
14Job has not drawn up his speeches against me,
so I will not respond to him with arguments like yours.
15Those three are shattered. They no longer respond.
They have run out of words.
16I have waited patiently,
but since they no longer speak,
and they just stand there and do not answer anymore,
17I will now respond with my contribution.
I will now declare what I know,
18for I am full of words.
A wind[] in my belly is building up pressure.
19My belly is like unvented wine.
I am like a new wineskin ready to burst.
20I intend to speak, so that I can find relief for myself.
Let me open my lips and answer.
21I will certainly not show favoritism to any man.
I will not address any man with flattering titles,
22because I do not know how to pass out flattering titles.
If I did so, my Maker would quickly carry me away.


  • 32:8 Or Spirit
  • 32:18 Or spirit. There is unintended irony in Elihu's words.