Old Testament

Job 41
411Can you pull out Leviathan[] with a fishhook?[]
Can you tie down his tongue with a rope?
2Can you put a reed in his nose
or pierce his jaw with a hook?
3Will he keep asking for your favor
or speak tender words to you?
4Will he sign a contract with you
so that you keep him as your servant forever?
5Can you play with him like a bird?
Can you put him on a leash for your girls?
6Do the merchants barter for Leviathan's meat?
Do they divide it up with the other tradesmen?
7Can you fill his hide with harpoons
and his head with fishing spears?
8If you lay your hand on him,
you will never forget the battle and won't do it again.
9Listen! Any hope you have of overcoming him is unfounded.
Wouldn't you be knocked down by the mere sight of him?
10No one is fierce enough to risk stirring him up.[]
Who then can stand before me?
11Who can confront me and demand that I repay him?
Everything under the whole sky belongs to me.
12I will tell about the parts of his body.
I will describe his power and his beautiful design.
13Who can strip off his outer covering?
Who can touch his double layer of armor?
14Who dares to open the doors to his mouth,
which is surrounded with terrifying teeth?
15His back[] is like rows of shields,
which are tightly joined together.
16They are so close together not even a breath of air can pass between them.
17They are fastened to each other,
so they stick together and cannot be separated.
18His snorts are flashes of light.
His eyes are like the eyelids of dawn.
19Blazing torches come out of his mouth.
Sparks of fire shoot out.
20Smoke pours out from his nostrils
like a pot boiling over a reed fire.
21His breath sets coals on fire,
and flames come out of his mouth.
22Strength dwells in his neck.
Despair dances ahead of him.
23The folds of his flesh are compact,
solid and immovable.
24His heart is as hard as rock,
as hard as a lower millstone.
25When he rises up, the mighty are afraid.
When he thrashes around, they retreat.
26If someone strikes him with a sword, it has no effect.
Neither do spears, arrows, or javelins.
27To him iron is like straw;
bronze is like rotten wood.
28Arrows do not make him flee.
To him sling stones are like chaff;
29clubs are like stubble.
He laughs at the shaking of a javelin.
30His underbelly is like sharp pieces of broken pottery.
It leaves marks in the mud like a threshing sledge.
31He makes the depths boil like a cooking pot.
He makes the sea like a cauldron of ointment.
32He leaves a shiny wake behind him.
The deep looks like a white-haired man.
33There is nothing at all like him on earth,
a creature without fear.
34He looks down on everything that is lofty.
He is king over every proud creature!


  • 41:1 Or the Dragon. This is a poetic description that does not exactly match any animal, though the crocodile is the closest match. Another suggestion that has been made is some form of dinosaur. Dragon (Greek: drakon) is the translation of the Greek Old Testament. The term has satanic overtones. See Revelation 12.
  • 41:1 English 41:1–8 is equivalent to Hebrew 40:25–32. English 41:9 is Hebrew 41:1.
  • 41:10 Or He is fierce. No one stirs him up.
  • 41:15 The translation follows the ancient versions. The Hebrew reading is his pride.