Old Testament

Job 37
371When I hear this, my heart races
and leaps from its place.
2Listen! Listen to the booming thunder of his voice,
to the rumble that goes out from his mouth.
3He turns it loose across the whole sky,
and his light reaches the ends of the earth.
4After the lightning, a voice roars.
He thunders with his majestic voice.
He does not restrain the lightning.
Then his voice is heard!
5God thunders with his voice in wonderful ways.
He does great things that we do not understand.
6To the snow he says, “Fall on the earth.”
To the pouring rain, the torrential downpours of rain, he says, “Be strong.”[]
7He brings an end to all the work of men's hands,
so that they recognize his work.
8The wild animals take shelter in their lairs.
They remain in their dens.
9A winter wind comes out from its room,
and driving winds bring icy cold.
10The breath of God produces ice.
The wide surface of the water turns solid.
11Yes, he loads dark clouds with moisture,
and he fills the clouds with his light.
12The clouds swirl around at his direction.
They do whatever he commands them
over the face of the whole inhabited world.
13Whether their purpose is to bring punishment or mercy to the world,
he makes them achieve their goal.
14Listen to this, Job! Stand still and recognize the wonders of God!
15Do you know how God arranges them?
Do you know how he makes his light shine out from his clouds?
16Do you know how the clouds float in the sky,
those marvels produced by perfect knowledge?
17You, whose clothing is too hot for you
when the land rests quietly because of the hot south wind,
18can you help him spread out the clouds
when the sky is as hard as a metal mirror?
19Teach us what we should say to him!
We are not able to prepare our case because of the darkness.
20Should he be notified that I want to speak?
Or would a man who said that be swallowed up?
21But no one can look at the sun.
It is too bright when the wind has cleared the sky of the clouds.
22God's golden splendor comes from the north.
God is surrounded by awesome majesty.
23As for the Almighty, we cannot comprehend him.
He is exalted in power,
but he does not violate justice and great righteousness.
24Therefore men should revere him,
because he has regard for all those who are wise in heart.[]


  • 37:6 This line is difficult.
  • 37:24 Or, reading with the Greek, those who are wise in heart fear him