Old Testament

Job 29
Job's Soliloquy[]
Job's Happiness in the Good Old Days
291Job resumed his discourse. He said:
2Oh how I wish I could be as I used to be
in the months gone by,
in the days when God used to watch over me,
3when his lamp was shining over my head,
and I walked through darkness toward[] his light,
4when I was in my prime,
and the friendly guidance of God was over my tent,
5when the Almighty was still with me,
and my children still surrounded me,
6when my footsteps were washed in cream,
and a rock poured out streams of oil for me,
7when I went out to the gatehouse[] of the city,
and I took my customary seat in the public square.
8The young men saw me and stepped aside.
The elders rose and remained standing in my presence.
9The officials held back their words.
They placed their hands over their mouths.
10The voices of the nobles fell silent.
Their tongues stuck to the roof of their mouths.
11Every ear that heard what I said called me blessed.
Every eye that saw what I did testified on my behalf.
12Because I saved the poor when they cried for help
and the fatherless when they had no helper,
13the blessing of the dying rested upon me,
and I made the heart of the widow happy.
14I dressed myself with righteousness,
and it clothed me.
My justice clothed me like a robe and a turban.
15I was eyes for the blind and feet for the lame.
16I was a father for the needy.
I investigated their cases for people I did not know.
17I shattered the fangs of the wicked,
and I snatched their prey from their teeth.
18So I thought: “I will pass away in my own nest,
after multiplying my days like grains of sand.
19My roots will be soaked with water,
and dew will settle on my branches at night.
20My honor will always be fresh for me,
and my bow in my hand will never wear out.”
21People listened to me eagerly.
They kept silent, waiting for my advice.
22After I spoke, they did not keep speaking.[]
My words fell on them gently.
23They waited for me the way people wait for rain.
They opened their mouths the way people wait for spring showers.
24When I laughed with them, they did not believe it.
In the light from my face, they were never downcast.
25I chose the way for them,
and I was seated as their head,
like a king among the troops,
like one who comforts mourners.


  • 29:1 Chapter 29 begins a new section of the book, in which Job's three friends no longer respond to him.
  • 29:3 Or by
  • 29:7 The gatehouse was the center for legal proceedings in a city.
  • 29:22 Or the debate was over