Old Testament

Psalm 36
Psalm 36
Concerning the Rebelliousness of the Wicked
For the choir director. By the servant of the Lord. By David.
1A declaration about the rebellion of the wicked is deep in my heart.[]
The Arrogance of the Wicked
There is no dread of God before his eyes,
2because he flatters himself in his own eyes
too much to notice his guilt and to hate it.
3The words from his mouth are deception and deceit.
He has given up being wise and doing good.
4He plots deception even on his bed.
He sets out on a path that is not good.
He does not reject wrong.
The Goodness of God
5 Lord, your mercy reaches to the heavens.
Your faithfulness to the skies.
6Your righteousness is as high as the mountains of God.
Your justice is as deep as the ocean.
You save both man and animal, O Lord.
7How precious is your mercy, O God!
So all people[] find refuge in the shadow of your wings.
8They are satisfied by the rich food of your house.
You let them drink from your river of delights.
9For with you is the fountain of life.
In your light we see light.
Closing Prayer
10Stretch out your mercy over those who know you,
your righteousness to the upright in heart.
11Do not let the foot of the proud trample me.
Do not let the hand of the wicked drive me away.
12There the evildoers have fallen!
They have been thrown down!
They are not able to rise!


  • 36:1 A variant found in a few Hebrew manuscripts and Syriac reads: rebellion speaks to the wicked within his heart.
  • 36:7 Or the sons of man or the sons of Adam